About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the scientific and educational interests of those engaged in the energy industry and to foster action for sustainable development.


  • To be responsible stewards of energy resources in Alberta, including the largely untapped potential for energy efficiency.
  • To build capacity amongst those who manage energy efficiency resources to continuously learn and raise industry standards and expectations.
  • To share and apply industry best practices to position Alberta as a leader in energy management
  • To showcase and celebrate local success stories and role models to drive innovation

Kelsey Chegus


Kelsey’s professional path has included roles in the non-profit, public, and private sectors over the last 15 years including community development, energy management and sustainable buildings. Her passion for working towards sustainable energy solutions and energy efficiency has been the common thread throughout her career. Kelsey is currently working with the SAIT Green Building Technologies applied research team as the Operations Lead, and she lives in Calgary with her family. She completed her B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta and she is a registered Professional Engineer. Kelsey has been involved with the AEE Alberta Chapter for over 5 years; she was in the position of Secretary in 2018, Vice President in 2021, and she has been the Alberta Chapter representative with the CWEEL Chapter Liaison Committee since 2017.


Adam Trovato


Adam Trovato is the Business Development Manager for Sustainable Projects Group. He is a highly driven individual with a passion for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainable development. Adam enjoys working closely with clients to create meaningful projects that help them achieve their sustainability and energy efficiency goals. With a blended background
combining technical and non-technical experiences, his skillset includes business development, project and program management, energy analysis, sales & marketing, communications, team leadership, operations, and stakeholder engagement.


Joshua Ulliac


Joshua currently works as a Senior Associate at ICF in its Energy, Aviation, & Infrastructure group, where he has helped on the development and implementation of provincial energy efficiency programs, development of strategic project decision tools, and work on beneficial electrification (strategic planning for EV charging infrastructure). Prior to joining ICF, Joshua has worked on industrial control and distributed power generation design, installation, and commissioning. Joshua is a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and a has a Masters in Electrical Engineering (Energy Systems) from the University of Alberta. He is a member of APEGA and holds an MBA from the University of Calgary Haskayne School of Business. He has been involved with the AEE Alberta Chapter since its inception in 2015 and has previously occupied roles of treasurer and vice-president.


Debora Moreira


Debora has over 4 years of experience in solar energy project design and management, including the development of 1MW power plants. Her career in engineering began in 2012 as a Maintenance Engineer on merchant ships. That later evolved into graduating in Electrical Engineering and working in the energy sector. She is a communicative person, who enjoys teamwork and brings new ideas to projects. Debora is currently working with SkyFire Energy Inc. in the role of Solar Drafting Specialist and she lives in Calgary with her family. She completed her BEng Electrical Engineering from the University of Fortaleza and she is a registered Engineer in Training with APEGA. Debora got involved in the AEE Alberta Chapter this past year by attending the CWEEL Alberta event in May.


Cheska Ronquillo


Cheska Ronquillo is the Assistant General Manager of Sustainable Projects Groups, having led energy audits for multi-unit residential and commercial buildings for nationwide clients, coordinating energy efficiency projects up to $1.8M, and has personally achieved over $1M in energy efficiency funding for her clients in the past 5 years. She holds a degree in Geomatics Engineering from the University of Calgary, and is credited as a CEM, LEED Green Associate, and is pursuing her P. Eng. Cheska was selected as the Leading Change Youth Delegate for the Globe 2020 Sustainability Summit. Her workplace and community advocacy focuses on her passion towards sustainable development, climate change mitigation, and the creation of accessible environmental job opportunities for youth.


Tayber Yastremski


Tayber Yastremski is the principal of Sustainable Projects Group where he has overseen more than 1,500 energy efficiency projects across Canada in industries ranging from industrial to commercial. He has a master’s degree of Engineering in Clean Energy Engineering and holds CEM and EP designations. Over the past decade Tayber has presented to universities, boards, and energy managers on effective strategies for implementing energy efficiency into operations. Tayber has been an active proponent in promoting energy efficiency across Canada and holds the energy seat on the board of directors for CANSEAT, a Canadian charity which works to bring sustainable design practices into Canadian Engineering.



Calvin Lechelt


Calvin is currently the Energy Efficiency Program Lead with the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre, where he delivers funding programs that support municipalities across Alberta in reducing energy use and emissions through energy efficiency, energy management, and the electrification of vehicle fleets. Calvin has an Alternative Energy Technology diploma and a Bachelor of Technology Management from NAIT and is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) through the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). Calvin is passionate about sustainable technology and strives to make a positive difference in the transition to a low-carbon future.


Armaghan Yusuf


Armaghan Yusuf is Account Manager at Microwatt Controls. He has over 16 years of extensive experience in the field of energy management through automation & control where he has helped industries implement fully integrated control solutions to facilitate digital transformation and boosting reliability, safety, energy optimization and profitability.

Armaghan is an engineering professional with masters in mechatronics engineering and also holds CEM, CMVP and CAP certifications from AEE and ISA respectively.


Vasily Bigildeev


Vasily currently holds the role of Energy and Emissions Officer at the University of Saskatchewan. In his previous roles, Vasily coordinated energy efficiency initiatives in commercial buildings, including energy use optimization via energy audits, existing building commissioning, building controls integration, energy retrofits, energy benchmarking, and utility management.

In 2019, he was recognized as Alberta Energy Manager of the Year. Vasily helps organizations to reduce their operating costs, increase the quality of the work environment, and promote corporate sustainability responsibility.

He holds various professional designations including CEM, CBCP, CMVP, and Certified Engineering Technologist in Ontario.


Matthew Yarmon


Matthew Yarmon holds a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Alberta and has been working as a building efficiency energy engineer for three years, specializing in energy auditing of both residential and commercial buildings. More recently, he has gained experience working on NECB compliance modelling projects for commercial buildings. He has completed dozens of ASHRAE Level 2 energy audits for commercial buildings, including recreation centres, office buildings, townhomes, net-zero homes, community centres, curling rinks and schools. In addition, he has worked on several hundred residential audits – he has met with many homeowners to help them find ways to reduce their home’s energy use – and has prepared Alberta Building Code 9.36 energy compliance models.


Afure Onekpe


Afure has over 15 years Environmental, Energy and Engineering experience. She is the Founder of the Association of Energy Engineers Alberta Chapter (AEE) and a Board Member. Afure is the Assistant Director International Member Development for Awards. She is a director at MICONE Consulting Inc. She is the Chair of the Membership Committee and a Board of Director at Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance (AEEA) and is also serving in the Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET) Certification Board.  She has greatly influenced Energy Efficiency, Regulatory and Environmental Compliance in Canada and the United States through her involvement and promotion of programs, policies and advocacy.

Afure has a Master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. She is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), a Certified Energy Auditor (CEA), a Certified Environmental Professional (EP) with a specialization in Energy, Sustainability, GHG/Air and Water, a Certified RETScreen Expert (CRE),  and a Canadian Sustainable Energy Practitioner (CSEP).


Joad Clément


Joad is currently the Energy Officer for the Municipal District of Bonnyville and Village of Glendon where he tracks energy use & GHG emissions and implements energy efficiency projects for a large portfolio of facilities. Prior to that role, he was managing the energy performance and auditing consultancy PerformEnergy. He also worked previously as an energy specialist with the Vital Group of Companies and has experience as a wind energy analyst and renewable energy researcher, including at WSP and Solas Energy Consulting. He completed the Sustainable Energy Management Advanced Certificate (SEMAC) from the BCIT and holds a CEM designation.

As an energy champion, he values the interaction of technology, communication campaigns and behavioural awareness with sound policies to bolster a new culture where Albertans are not only world leaders in resources extraction but also in energy management.